Jeffrey Harrison | Commissioned Work

Jeffrey Harrison accepts commissions for custom paintings. He specializes in portraits of both adults and children as well as family groups, but other subjects are welcomed including landscapes, still lifes, and masterwork re-creations.

A SECRETA SECRET16.75" X 20.75", Oil on panel, 2014.

Although “A Secret” probably took over 60 hours to paint, this piece flowed so easily that it felt as if it painted itself. There is usually a point, or several points for that matter, in the execution of any piece where surveying must be done, changes implemented, corrections made, but this painting always had a laser focus from the beginning. The model’s gaze was simultaneously intense yet compassionate, and her auburn hair was begging to be set in dialogue with a complementary aqua green. The story of this painting remains in her countenance, there is so much there, bubbling beneath the surface.

Original painting is available, $2,750

A masterfully executed portrait takes on a life of its own and can become a timeless family heirloom passed down through generations. Jeffrey is passionate about capturing not only the subject’s physical likeness, but also his or her character, psychological qualities and idiosyncrasies. In a well crafted portrait, the physical representation opens a window into the soul of the subject. Using centuries-old portraiture techniques combined with his own artistic vision, Jeffrey works closely with his clients to produce modern portrait masterworks.

Price Range: $1500-$15,000. Jeffrey will conference with you via phone, email  or in person to give you a price estimate. The custom price for each project is based on the number of subjects to be depicted, the size of the piece, and the media to be used. The subject range can be a single facial portrait all the way up to several full-scale figures in their environment.  Possible media include: Oil on panel, graphite on paper, pastel on paper, watercolor on paper, or photography. Oil painting is the most traditional portrait method and Jeffrey’s favorite media for portraits. 

After the the details of the project are worked out between the artist and client, including an estimated completion date (generally 4-16 weeks dependent on complexity of the commission and other works in progress), a contract will be submitted to the client. The signed contract and a 50% deposit will need to be submitted to the artist for work to commence.   Progress reports including digital photos are available on request during the creation process. The remaining 50% payment will be due upon completion of the work. 

Portrait subject(s) are not forced to sit for hours as Jeffrey prefers to capture references from his own photographs.  A 1-2 hour photography session in your home, on location, or in the artist's studio will supply him with the necessary material for painting references or the images needed for a photographic portrait.  If you cannot make it to the Denver area, travel to your location can be arranged at an extra cost. If it is not possible for Jeffrey to take the photographs himself he can supply you with photographic and lighting requirements so that a professional photographer in your area can conduct the session and supply the necessary images.  Paintings created from your own photographs may be possible dependent on the quality of the image and specific requirements of the piece.

Please contact Jeffrey with questions and the details of your custom portrait!



Just about any subject matter can be turned into a custom piece if you have an idea that you would like to discuss with the artist. Much of the same process and pricing details outlined above for portraits also apply to other subject matter.  Please send Jeffrey your ideas to get the ball rolling and find out more.  














Occasionally Jeffrey is asked to recreate a beloved painting by a past master. Poster prints are often flat and lifeless like the notes on a page of unplayed sheet music,  but a well executed painting reanimates the energy of the original painting like an orchestral performance.   Masterwork re-creations present the artist with a unique and exciting opportunity to explore the techniques and processes of virtuosos from the past. Each of these works is executed as a tribute to the original artist and not meant to be a counterfeit version.  It will by signed by Jeffrey Harrison with an acknowledgement of the original artist, i.e., “Jeffrey Harrison, 2015, from Rembrandt.”  Let Jeffrey know what you are looking for to get the process started.