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Venus Sessions Reviews:


This pure dose of sound and art is tincture for the soul. Jeffrey Harrison has crafted a fine record with Venus Sessions. The album’s first cut; "Down from the Moon" sounds like an indie track straight off WFUV's playlist (the publicly supported station in NYC that helped break artists such as John Mayer and Norah Jones). Here Harrison sounds like a mixture of early Neil Young and the Thorns. "Gwendolyn" showcases his melodic abilities, and it's easy to imagine this song as a backdrop to an emotional scene in a hot television series (Brothers and Sisters perhaps). Harrison brings the energy up on "Venus of Astoria." He nails a hooky chorus and combines his rock roots with pop sensibilities. Venus Sessions is worth a listen for certain. If Jeffrey Harrison has his publishing together, there is little doubt you'll be hearing his songs somewhere soon. ~ 



An impressive release featuring melodic vocals and memorable lyrics. Jeffrey Harrison’s  “Venus Sessions” is loaded with impressive contemporary rock music. Harrison sings up a storm with his melodic vocals and memorable lyrics. The album’s production is high-quality, as instruments are well-mixed with a cohesive sound. The harmonies on “Gwendolyn” add to the rhythmical lyrics of this delightful melody. The upbeat and energetic “Venus of Astoria” is embedded with great power chords and a chorus that’s sure to have listeners sing along. A slow rock ballad, “Down From the Moon” is a distinctive little treasure of artistic creativity as the ambient tone showcases Harrison’s versatility in playing softer styles of music. Listeners who are fans of Tom Petty or Neil Young won’t be disappointed when listening to Jeffrey Harrison’s “Venus Sessions.” ~



Grindie Award Winner: Venus Sessions

RadioIndy is proud to present Jeffrey Harrison a GrIndie Award for their CD "Venus Sessions." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.



Jeffrey Harrison EP Reviews:


Jeffrey Harrison strips down pop-rock for his self-titled debut. The pop wizardry of Eric Clapton is felt with some blues-rock undertones not far behind. Two musicians that definitely should be mentioned anytime Harrison’s name comes are Tom Petty and Pete Yorn both of whom share his knack for good narrative, crafty pop hooks, and unique vocal styles.  ~  J-Sin - Smother Magazine 


Jeffrey Harrison's music is guitar based rock/pop with a country tinge that reminds us of Petty and the Willburys. His songs are about longing and self discovery and his voice is an accessible tenor friend. His latest CD, "Jeffrey Harrison", is a 5-song EP that establishes his sound firmly and professionally. Background vocals are lush and full - and lyrics are pure poetry. In track 1, "In the Nude", Harrison writes, 'your looks are irrefutable but you're stoic as a mannequin'. "Reason to Live" has a Springsteen feel in a story about longing and depression. 'she's looking for a reason to live, waiting for a sign, and someone to hold onto'. Wonderful tune. Track 4, "Stranger to Myself", has Harrison touching on the country genre as he looks back on his life and realizes he's discovering who he is. The final track, "Midnight Train", paints a locomotive snare drum behind a Petty inspired approach - Harrison sings again of a woman in a similar loveless situation as in 'Reason', 'so she dreams of that midnight train, she dreams of a midnight getaway'. Tremendous pop/rock effort and we look forward to more. ~ Don Kimenker - 


Jeffrey draws from a range of influences but his sound is reminiscent of classic Tom Petty. Harrison is a storyteller, writing psychological songs from a mostly narrative point of view. He sticks to a guitar driven, melodic rock format on all five of his colorful songs. 'In The Nude' is sexy with lively instrumentation building up to the chorus. 'Reason to Live' features subtle rhythms blending with expressive guitars and vocals. 'Midnight Train' melds a slide with countrified guitars as the song moves to the catchy hook and crafty leads. Jeffrey Harrison is a distinctive artist and his music is dramatic! ~ Laura T Lynch of